Livin’ Life

David Owen


  1. Highway Driver David Owen 4:00
  2. No Redemption David Owen 2:26
  3. Long Gone David Owen 2:47
  4. Every Little Piece of My Heart David Owen 3:09
  5. Ain't Gonna Take It David Owen 3:13
  6. Livin' Life Blues David Owen 4:13
  7. Betty Mae David Owen 4:27
  8. The Truth David Owen 4:50
  9. Come On Baby David Owen 3:07
  10. My Sweet Rider David Owen 4:26

All songs written and arranged by David Owen/Socan

Produced by: Gary Kendall
David Owen: lead vocals, guitars, harmonica
Alec Fraser: brush bass, back up vocals
Jimmy Bowskill: violin, viola, mandolin, pedal steel, electric guitar, back up vocals

About Livin’ Life

David Owen`s Livin’ Life celebrates his triumphant return to recording and performing after a self-imposed hiatus.  The acoustic blues musician who accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica was last heard from in 2007 with the release of his 4 On The Floor EP.  That recording followed his debut, Red Hot Kisses 2003. Now he`s back and bluesier than ever with Livin’ Life, a dynamic, fuller-sounding recording that honours the traditional form of roots and blues while employing a cutting and contemporary edge.  The approach to recording the new songs evolved as Owen planned his latest career move.  Downchild`s Gary Kendall, onboard since 4 On The Floor, is back as producer, as is veteran bassist, Alec Fraser who uses his brush bass style to provide the bottom end and percussion; the talented, multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Bowskill rounds out the studio group, providing violin, viola, mandolin, pedal steel and electric guitar.  The result is an original and unique set of rough-and-ready blues and roots music guaranteed to jump start Owen`s career and catch the ear of a multitude of music fans around the world.

This is a well-done, good sounding and tasteful album. I`m really enjoying it.  Thanks for sharing the good music.   Bruce Iglauer-Alligator Records